Quantangled - a mad-science action adventure game! Coming when it's done...

Quantangled is an action adventure platform game with puzzle elements and a heavy science fiction influence, featuring quantum entanglement and parallel dimensions. Your character has control of these on their super-powered smart phone.

The phone allows you to scan an object and quantum-project it somewhere else. Because the projection is quantum-entangled to the source object, quantum feedback allows interaction or damage to be passed between the projection and source. This allows you to manipulate objects using the projected object.

The phone also provides access to parallel worlds and alternate dimensions through quantum rifts, and you will have to travel through these rifts to complete your quest.

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Back Story

Toby has been dropped off by his mum at the professor's house after school to see his latest invention. When he realises the professor isn't there, Toby stumbles into an adventure first to find him, and then to rescue him from an evil adversary in another dimension.


Toby picture

Meet Toby, our hero in Quantangled.

More characters will be revealed soon.

More characters will be revealed soon.

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