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This page shows more work-in-progress content from Quantangled.

Development Video 1 - Concept (Early 2012)

The graphics in this concept video are placeholders. I'll do some more work on these as development progresses, and I haven't entirely ruled out hiring an artist yet, but that will depend on the level of interest in the game and other factors. Rest assured though, if nothing else, those bright pink blob things will be replaced with something more menacing and brain-like.

As the video shows, the core concept is that with his phone the main character can scan objects and project a quantum-entangled copy of them to another location. Because of the quantum entanglement, anything that happens to the projection will happen to the original, too. This mechanism can be used to solve problems and get past obstacles.

Later in the game, other advanced technologies will become available, including quantum-sliding to parallel worlds where things aren't quite the same...

Development Video 2 - Parallel Worlds (Late 2012)

This video was taken soon after getting parallel worlds functional. I'd written some of the camera transition code quite a while ago but I've recently tidied it up and sorted out the data structures for alternate dimensions. It also shows the parallax camera work I've been playing about with recently.

Screenshots (April 2013)

Development Video 3 - Hyperspace (April 2013)

This quick video shows the Hyperspace effect I've been working on which is displayed in the background when jumping through a Quantum rift between parallel worlds. It's only shown for a moment in game, so I thought I'd make a longer video of it.

Development Video 4 - Animation (April 2013)

A video of Toby's improved graphics and animation.

Teaser Trailer 1 (May 2013)

This video was created as a teaser-trailer for submission to Rezzed. It shows a few of the early puzzles and several parallel worlds, Cratos, Botanos and Oceanos.

Screenshots (May 2013)

Development Video 5 - New Worlds (July 2013)

Additional content video created for submission to the Eurogamer Expo Indie Game Arcade. It shows floating brain creatures (Sky Pods) in the skylands of Stratos and the giant insects of Macros.

Screenshots (July 2013)

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