Arc Vector

Arc Vector is an arcade-action, alien combat flight-sim, heavily inspired by classic 1990s Archimedes games such as Lander / Zarch, Interdictor and Starfighter 3000, and built in Unity in a similar low-poly style. Fly a stolen alien ship and capture the enemy bases that have sprung up across the archipelagos of your small home world, Melos. Find out more on the Arc Vector page.

Byte Damage

Byte Damage is like a trip into an 80's neon-hell, lost inside a virtual processor overrun with deadly viruses and trojans. Guide your function through the corrupted primary core, collect all 8 key bits on each level to unlock the exit, battle the infection and data anomalies as you go, and hope you escape with some of your backups intact. Find out more on the Byte Damage page.

Background Projects and Experiments

I've always got a few projects simmering away in the background that I go back to every now and then when I get some spare time. A few of those are listed below. I often have a strong vision of where they're headed, perhaps a few rich design documents, and hope that one day I'll be able to deliver that vision, when the time is right and I find a way to do so.


Quantangled is a platform game, with a heavy science fiction influence and oodles of pop culture and sci-fi references. You don't need to appreciate those to enjoy the game, though.

I think I've come up with an interesting way of handling the story in this one, and can't wait to get some feedback on it.

Seen here on the right we have some early test sprites for the game's main character Toby. I might give him some hair at some point, as he is supposed to be around 10 years old. Dunno yet...

Check out the concept video on the Quantangled page.

Quantangled Logo


Haze is a 3rd person action adventure set on another world where water - life's most precious resource - is under threat, and may even be disappearing completely. Join one of the tribal leaders of this world on a quest to solve the mystery.

This game will involve some never-before-seen gameplay and combat mechanics against the backdrop of a beautiful piece of story telling.

The image here is just a quick concept mock up, not representative artwork. I've got some strong ideas in my head for the visual style but its implementation will depend on time and budget constraints. I love the look of That Game Company's 'Journey' and get many new ideas from photos of deserts. This is something I'd love to spend big bucks on graphically but that's not an option at the moment, so it will be interesting to see what I can come up with creatively...