Bob the Tramp - complete free game

Move with Left/Right cursor or A/D
Other action keys available when indicated - Rummage bin, Sleep, Buy booze.

Bob the Tramp is a ridiculous, tongue-in-cheek exploration of my possible future if I don't get my act together and make enough awesome. Look after Bob, sleeping on a park bench, drinking tripple-strength lager, rummaging in the bins for food and swearing at the dirty pigeons.
Don't let him die of heart or liver failure (the power bars with red and brown splodges).
These properties are affected by different activities in various ways.

All joking asside, perhaps you would consider supporting one of the following charities:

Mental health charity Mind:
Homeless charities Crisis and Shelter:
Or, if perhaps you find yourself making too many trips to the off-licence, you may wish to talk to this lot:
Perhaps you might even consider making a donation to Overwound to help fund developement of our games and prevent us turning into Bob for real!

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