Arc Vector

Arc Vector is an action arcade game with a hint of flight simulator, inspired by various classic 1980-90s Archimedes games and built for modern PCs.

Pilot a stolen alien ship in a rebellion against the Archronite invasion. Fly across the archipelagos of your home world and capture enemy bases with the help of your navigation droid co-pilot, DFX-9T. Battle against enemy Arc Vectors, Fighters, Drones and Laser Tanks, liberate your planet, Melos.

Back Story

You are a lighthouse keeper on the planet of Melos, a small world rich in oil and gas, home to a small population of industrial workers, fishing fleets and sheep farmers, scattered across the Melosian Archipelagos. ("Melosian sheep are famed for their genetically engineered Kevlar-like wool" - Melosian Tourist Board).

Melos has been invaded by the Archronites, a warmongering species fighting their way through the local galactic sector. The Archronites have started to colonise Melos to exploit its natural resources, driving the native population from their homes. When one day you discover they have even invaded your tiny home island, you are forced to act.

Together with your trusty navigation droid, DFX-9T, and after an enemy pilot had apparently met an unfortunate fate on the rocks, you commandeer their vessel and take to the skies in the fight back against the alien colonists. One by one, you must capture their airbases and destroy the infrastructure they are putting in place.

Beware, however, Archronite Commander Veilos will be out to stop you! You will come up against his forces in Arc Vectors - a devastatingly powerful attack ship, and Arc Fighters - a stealth-like fighter aircraft, Drones, Plasma Tanks and Laser Tanks and numerous other defences. Fortunately, the ship you have stolen is also an Arc Vector!

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To capture a base, simply touch down on the landing pad next to its control tower. Beware, however, of any nearby Anti-Air defences and enemy ships, their weapons are deadly!

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Arc Vector is an arcade-action, alien combat flight-sim, heavily inspired by classic 1990s Archimedes games such as Lander / Zarch, Interdictor and Starfighter 3000, and built in Unity in a similar low-poly style. Follow the development blog over on the Indie Database Arc Vector page.

Arc Vector will be available through online stores very soon! Follow via the social links below for announcements or wishlist on Steam to be emailed on release...